What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is a store-it-yourself industry comprised of approximately 45,547 facilities in the United States as of 2019. The storage industry has largely fragmented ownership with the six largest public companies owning only 18% of the facilities, the next 100 largest companies 9% and 73% owned by small operators. Approximately 9.4% of U.S. households rent a self storage unit.

Space is rented on a short-term basis (often month-to-month) which is typically used for household goods, business inventory and even vehicles.

What size are the storage units?

There is a wide variety of unit size options from smaller 5' x 5' units all the way up to 10' x 30' units which can fit vehicles in some cases. While every market is different and each Customer has different needs, the more popular sizes tend to be 5' x 5's, 5' x 10's, 10' x 10's and 10' x 20's. For a better idea on what size is best for your needs, check out our storage calculator.

Why use self storage?

Every Customer has a different reason why they need self storage but common reasons are:

Downsizing - You're moving into a smaller place and need somewhere to store your stuff.

Home Remodeling - You're doing home improvements and need to get your stuff out on a temporary basis.

Disaster - Life happens and so do disasters (unfortunately). In many cases, renter's or homeowner's insurance can pay for the cost of storage.

Divorce - This is also an unfortunate situation but not uncommon.

Death - We promise there are also happy reasons why people need storage.

Marriage - Consolidating stuff and have some overlap? Storage is a perfect solution!

Business - Many businesses use storage for inventory and to reduce costs of expensive office and/or warehouse space.

College Students - Don't want your child's college stuff back over the summer? Stick it in storage!

What is Valet Storage (or Full Service Storage)?

Valet Storage is a relatively new but fast growth niche in the storage industry whereby storage companies, like RightAway Storage, come to the Customer, pick-up their stuff and store it their facility for safekeeping. When a Customer wants their items back, the storage company will redeliver.

Valet Storage provides storage in a warehouse setting and plans are highly flexible which allows the Customer to pay only for the space they need. Let's say you have a closet full of stuff, holiday decor and seasonal clothes...this won't fill a 5' x 5' self storage unit but it would be perfect for Valet Storage and would cost a fraction of the cost. Learn more about RightAway Storage's Valet Storage Program.

Can I move into my unit online?

This varies by facility but typcially no. RightAway Storage allows a Customer to both reserve a unit online as well as move-into that unit. RightAway Storage Customers can do everything online including selecting the type of unit, establishing a gate code and setting up payment all from the conveneince of home.

How is my stuff kept safe?

Our properties are fully fenced and accessible only through keypad access at our computerized security gate. Additionally, security cameras constantly record all activity on our properties. We have a hands-on approach to security and do whatever we can to maintain safety at our properties.