Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle Storage

We are motorcycle lovers too! We understand the joys of owning motorcycles, tinkering with them, getting out on the open road as well as the challenges! Where do I park it? Will it get stolen? My bike takes up room in my garage and I don't have space for my car(s) or stuff. We've heard it all!
There are plenty of reasons why you may want to store your motorcycle for the long or short term including: winter storage, military deployment, bike security, garage substitute, or just de-cluttering. Whatever your reasons, we have tons of storage options for you...

Keep Your Ride Safe - Starting At $77/month

Storage Considerations

Unit Size: Most motorcycles plus related accessories will fit comfortably in a 5x10 unit. If you have multiple motorcycles or larger ones, a 10x10 may be more appropriate.

Unit Type: Drive up units are easy to roll your bike into but interior units are also an option which, in most cases, provides a climate controlled environment to protect your bike and accessories as well as adding an additional layer of security.

Security: Keeping your bike safe is important! Understand what security features are utilized at the facility. RightAway prides itself on implementing the highest level of security possible with gated perimeters, secured gate and building access, door alarms, 24/7 video recording, security alarms and much more.

Access Hours: Inquire about gate access hours. We fully understand you may want to get an early start on the day and we're here to help.

In-Unit Power: Seldom storage units provide in-unit power but RightAway has certain units with dedicated power located inside the storage unit - perfect for your battery tender.

Preparing Your Bike

If you frequently access your motorcycle, there isn't much you need to do on a regular basis to store your motorcycle (other than normal maintenance). If you are planning to store your motorcycle for a long time between uses, there are things that you can do to safeguard your motorcycle, including:

Clean Your Bike: While we have many dirt bike customers, a clean bike is usually a happy bike that is protected for the long term.

New Fluids: You'll want to flush your fluids like antifreeze, brake fluid and oil to keep the internal parts of your engine protected.

Battery Prep: Ensure you battery is fully charged or take advantage of RightAway's dedicated in-unit power outlets to plug in a battery tender.

Fuel Stabilizer: The next time you fill up with gas, mix in a manufacturer approved fuel stabilizer to prevent corrosion to your gas tank and engine.

Tags and Insurance: Prior to storing your motorcycle be sure your tags are in good standing and your not coming due on a state inspection. Also be sure to maintain your insurance while your motorcycle is in storage.

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