Climate Controlled Storage

Protect your belongings with our climage controlled storage units

Climate Control

Protect Your Sensitive Belongings
Fluctuations in temperature can be harmful to delicate items you may want to store. With RightAway Storage's climate controlled storage units, you can keep your valued belongings safe with reliable climate control. We design best in class climate controlled facilities with lots of HVAC units and tons of ductwork to ensure stable temperature and circulating air to keep your storage unit controlled and fresh.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

A facility that maintains a storage environment between the temperatures of 50 degrees and 80 degrees year-round. Climate Controlled units are typically located on the interior of the building.

Why do I need climate controlled storage units?

Items like wood or leather furniture, electronics, artwork, photography, appliances, and heirlooms are susceptible to damage without proper climate control. Without climate controlled storage, you run the risk of damage to your belongings, including:
  • Warping or cracking or wooden items
  • Rust or corrosion on metallic items
  • Mold, mildew or pests
  • Browning of plastics, leather goods and fabrics
  • Damage to electronics

What items benefit from climate control?

Lots of things but a brief list includes: antiques, artwork, classic cars, stamp collections, record collections, hard drives, speakers, TVs, appliances, books, clothing, heirlooms, personal records, photos, furniture, and leather goods.

Climate controlled storage provides peace of mind!

With RightAway Storage's climate controlled units, you can rest assured your belongings are kept in an optimal environment. Replacing damaged items gets expensive fast! Protect your investment with climate controlled storage.
We have a wide vareity of climate controlled storage units ranging in size from 5'x5' to 5'x20'. One of our Team Members would be more than happy to help you select the right storage unit for your needs.

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